Adam Davenport’s first surfing experience was at the age of five; clutching his father’s back in the Hermosa Beach shore break. In the fourth grade Davenport was handed his father’s coveted 8’8″ pintail and dropped off at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach. At 14, Davenport saved enough money to purchase a 9’6″ E.T. Longboard. It’s from this moment that Davenport’s passion for classic longboard surfing began. Davenport attended college at California Lutheran University, just miles from the famed point breaks of Mailbu, Rincon and C-Street. Davenport perfected his style while managing to be an All-Conference offensive tackle, win three game balls, become team captain and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in history.

After attending law school, Adam returned to the South Bay and coached the Mira Costa football team. As he contemplated his next step, Davenport became the student of shaping legends Brian Hilbers, Scott Anderson, Mike Geib and Tyler Hatzikian. Today, Davenport Surfboards prides itself on carrying on the principles taught to Adam by his mentors. Davenport Surfboards are made with great craftsmanship from the highest quality U.S. made materials in order to obtain the best performance possible. Davenport Surfboards is continually striving to keep clients stoked and passionate about surfing.