A Word on Craftsmanship

In the constant chase for increased craftsmanship, it's easy to get tangled in the weeds of design. But sometimes you have to look up from the planer and consider the other elements that go into a handcrafted board and look at the basic materials.

Classic weight foam has been part of the game for us since day one. But what about resin?  Why not go full-tilt surf nerd and use the same resin as those boards from the Golden Era of surfing?

After searching and testing several batches in the glassing room and out in the water it's been decided, all boards built in the Davenport factory will be built using isophthalic resin. Iso-what, you ask?

Isophthalic resin offers more strength and flexibility than the polyester resins conventionally used for surfboard laminations. Tests show 10% higher flex and 20% higher tensile than the resins that are currently considered the industry standard. It's what gives your boards that pop off the turns that will last for years to come. The short answer is, it's higher quality, and that's what we're about.