Introducing Tyler Critelli's Pig-lite Model!

I just finished Tyler Critelli’s new lightweight pig off-shoot,  He wanted a lighter narrower pig. The nose is 16 ¼", the width is 22 ¾" and the tail in 16 ½". The board is 3" thick and total length is 9'3". The foam was green weight which is much lighter than my beloved classic or brown. As for the glassing it has two layers 6 oz. top and one layer 6 oz. and a 4 oz. tail patch. The cloth I used was not volan weave but “S” glass.  I usually just stick to volan because it holds more resin and has a nice greenish hue to it. This newer smaller weave holds less resin and in the end is lighter. The only drawback is that it is weaker and white but the board is lighter! The overall template is a pig middle and tail, and since he likes narrow noses I played around with a pintail and came up with a curve that fits.