Myth Busting The Thing

It has come to my attention through some friends that there is significant chatter in the water about the Thing model that I build. It is a direct off-shoot of the fineline Zombie model. Brian Hilbers is one of my mentors and in teaching me technique and helping hone my skills as a shaper and board builder I approached him and asked for permission to make a similar version of his Zombie model, Brian helped supervise the making of the template and gave me pointers when I shaped my personal Thing. I made my template from scratch by using a rod and baton technique which Brian suggested to me. The tails of both boards are similar however the noses’ are different.   My old board had a zombie logo on it, which was my way of giving Brian the credit he so rightly deserves. All through my shaping career I have looked up to Brian as a influence, I love the style of his boards and the way they surf. Brian has been a major influence upon my surfing and shaping. i only hope that people realize every shaper has to come from somewhere and every shaper has a muse, Brian is my man along with Tyler Hatzikian and Scott Anderson. These three master-craftsman have taken the time and had the patience to teach me how to build boards. I hope this helps , support these guys and take a look at what they do.