Sacred Craft Ventura Recap

All things Yater were the focus of this year’s Sacred Craft show in Ventura. The weekend was filled with shaping legends, rare old boards, funky new boards, and shape-offs. Mr. Davenport held down the Anderson Surfboards fort with Josh Farberow. Here’s a look at what else was going on at the fairgrounds.

Boards of Rincon exhibit from the Surfing Heritage Foundation collection.

Yater collection.

Robert August

Bruce Jones bouncing up and down on his boards and periodically dropping them every so often…because that’s what Bruce Jones does.

Tanner Prarie finishing up a shape.
Yater spoon shape-off. Michel Junod’s spoon on top and Wayne Rich’s spoon below.
Wayne Rich shaping his Yater Spoon.

Close up of Junod’s Spoon.