San O' Pig Roast

Mike Black of Surf A Pig is putting together what looks to be a pretty cool event. The Davenport crew will most definitely represent and bring some pigs from both the past and present. Details below:

here is the plan:
i am going to show up at San Onofre early…VERY early , Saturday June 18. I am going to look for a spot by a picnic table , some shade, and a fire pit. I am going to have a herd of pigs with me. I will update this blog post and state EXACTLY where I am at San O that day. I am also PLANNING on (not for sure)…but planning on roasting a pig (over the fire pit). My buddy Tom is a wizard at that shit. He might be into doing it. We’ll see… I am NOT going to ask for permits for any kind of shit. This isn’t all that complicated, we are just beach folk enjoying a particular kind of surfboard.

Please show up with YOUR pig. I’d love to see what all is out there in the PIG world!!!

via Surf A Pig