The Jetty was goin' off today! No, really!

One of the power plants not in use at the El Segundo jetty was demolished this morning to make way for a new more efficient one that they will start building summer  2011. It was pretty spectacular. There has been a lot of second hand information about what’s going to happen to the nether region between Grand and 45th. The chatter has been that there will be a barge parked out front of the jetty to haul away the scraps.  Extended beach closures, massive sand bagging, and general man-handling of one of the South Bays few uncrowded break looks to be what we have to look forward to. Disruptions in the contours of this stretch of beach and the flow of sand will have an effect on the waves for El Porto and beyond. We can all hope that there will be an amazing mysto sandbar that will result from this upheaval. Call me a pessimist, but the way these things usually go are that things like this make surf spots disappear. What is for sure is that the jetty will never be like it once was. So it goes.

Some footage from theKABC news-copter. The action starts around 2:20.