Used Noserider For Sale!!! $700

This is one of my earlier prototypes that I had a lot of success with. I combined two templates to get one board. I was seeking a board similar in outline curve to a mid 1960’s noserider, this board is the result. It has short ears for heal control, a long gradually widening shoulder to a wide point that is about 2 inches past center. This board has a longer wider tail curve to allow for more water flow over the tail increasing hold while on the nose. The overall rocker is very mild with gradual tail rocker and a the fin’s tip is at the tail block of the board. This board was designed first and foremost as a noserider, it’s turning qualities are secondary. I found this board works great at Malibu, rincon, campus point and san-o. It has a concave of 52 inches about an inch deep with a tear drop shape. The dimensions are 10'1, 18 ¾ nose, 23 ¾ width and 16 ½ tail . It is 3 ¼ inches thick. The fin is a heritage 10.5
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