10'0 California Classic

The California Classic is one of my favorite templates of all time. It is a mid 1960’s pin tail nose rider and is meant for Malibu, rincon and pleasure point, cowells etc. I have rode this shape at those breaks and it is so smooth to turn and easy to nose ride. The thought behind this board is ; less is more. The board relies on a combination on rocker, rail-line and template curve. A flatter nose rocker going into a smooth flow tail curve allows this board to ride in the middle face of the wave, the tail rocker allows the board to fit in the pocket, and pivot turn releasing the long forward rail line. I ride these boards a little narrower and about 2 inches longer than what i normally ride, however I am larger so it’s all body to board proportion. But I still recommend 2 in. longer than what you would normally ride.