4065: The El Camino of noseriders

Shred, rip, or do both, this board allows you to bust radical cutbacks, get stupid long nose rides. This by far is one of my favorite templates, because it combines the mid-to-late 1960’s progressive parallel forward rail with a nice wide tail with some hip. The bottom of the board features a blended concave of 48in. , the middle of the board is flat for speed and the tail is rolled with the rails turned up to a small 50/50 rail line. The overall rail is 50/50 of medium thickness to allow for better nose riding and classic style. I do not believe in turned down rails 60/40 or sharp edges in my rails, screw that shit!!! All classic boards that are great nose riders do not have turned down rails or sharp tail edges. The 4065 goes back to the mid to late 1960’s where style and nose riding were the staple of surfing. As for fins for this board I like on a board that is 9'6 and up a 10.5 Rick nose rider fin, takayama pivot fin, Tyler nose rider, True Ames Heritage, all of 10.5 height. This board is designed to be surfed from the nose, 1/3rd off the nose and back on the tail. As for weight, I prefer heavy boards but for smaller people lighter foam and glass work, its a proportional rider to board.