9'8" Rick UFO

The UFO by Rick Surfboards was one of the best examples from the mid 1960’s model phase, when each manufacturer had a special model designed for nose riding and performance surfing (as they knew performance surfing at the time).  The UFO  had all the bells and whistles that were developed and used during this time period. The UFO has a concave tail, step-deck, and a tear-drop concave. The UFO combined all of these interesting “features” to promote nose riding. The tail concave channels water over the tail surface to keep the board in the wave and counter-balances the surfers weight while up on the nose. The step-deck allows the board to flex or fulcrum and flatten out the nose rocker to extend tip time. The tear-drop concave give the board increased lift. The UFO took all of these innovations and tied them together in to one of that era’s prolific nose riders. Here are some photos of an examplefrom my collection. Feel free to ask questions.