Craigslist is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

 You never know what might turn up. Seems like most of my major life’s decisions are based on what classified ad might just happen to find its way onto my computer screen…jobs, apartments, etc. Anyways, this 9'2" Weber Performer came up and was listed at $100. Okay, so it didn’t look great from the  ad’s photos but it was most definitely worth checking out. After a little email and phone tag the seller of the board basically had somewhere to be at the time that we set up an appointment to see the board. He told us that he would set the board outside and if it could be of any use to us we could have it!
It’s had some serious work on the stringer and a tail block was added on to the board at some point. There’s also the mysterious backwards American flag patch job on the nose. But hey, the price is right and the overall this board is water tight and ready to ride. It will for sure be hittin’ the waves soon for a little  Davenport Longboards research and development.