Beach Cities Surf Film Fest

Just wanted to notify all you loyal legions of the stoke, that the fourth annual Beach Cities Surf Film Fest is coming up on August 21st @ 7pm. I know it’s only May but it gives you wanna-be Thomas Campbells a chance to show your stoke through a lens. So get off  your asses and make some movies!!!!! Preferably of people riding Davenport battlewagons and Tyler Craftsmans . Go Go Go!.  Also, it is in support of one of the best and well respected surfers in the South Bay, Barry Hatchett. He is the embodyment of stoke… happy to surf in 2 foot slop or charge in 10 foot Cove rollers. If you can’t make a film, then just show up, any one who owns a Tyler or Davenport needs to attend or they’re a phoney!